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1st ZARAH Annual International Workshop

Vienna, 14-17 October 2020

External experts:

Claudia Kraft, Professor of Contemporary History, University of Vienna

Silke Schwandt, Professor of Digital History and Medival History, Bielefeld University

Samita Sen, Vere Harmsworth Professor of Imperial and Naval History, University of Cambridge

During the Annual International Workshops the ZARAH Team discusses its approach and findings with external experts on the history of women’s labour activism internationally, in the ZARAH region, and in other countries and regions. ZARAH Team members present elements of their component studies and the ZARAH collaborative work, and (depending on their preferences) the external experts may present their own work.

Workshop Programme

The participants (except international expert Silke Schwandt and Program Manager Lukas Neissl) of the First Annual International Workshop

ZARAH’s Public Lectures

Samita Sen
Left out of the Left: Gender and Class in Domestic Workers’ Unionisation in India
14 October 2020, 17:30


Claudia Kraft
Spaces of Knowledge and Gender Regimes: From Double Marginalization to a Gendered History of Knowledge of Central and Eastern Europe
15 October 2020, 17:30


ZARAH’s project presentation before the CEU community

Vienna, 24 September 2020
On 24 September 2020 the ZARAH Team presented the project to students enrolled in Academic Year 2020-2021.
Visible on the picture Alexandra Ghit and Jelena Tešija and in the background Program Manager Lukas Neissl and Principal Investigator Susan Zimmermann providing technical support (CEU Vienna Campus).
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